GameStates don't shut down

Just noticed a bug that I must've had for a long time.

I create all of my GameStates and then attach them to the GameStateManager. Then I run the MenuGameState. The MenuGameState has ButtonClicked listeners, and when it detects a button click on one of the options (either login, settings, credit, or exit) it is supposed to shut down the GameStates using


and then start up the new GameStates. It closes out the menu and opens the game normally, but if I click where the button to close the game WOULD be, it closes the game!!!!

What's going on!?

A forum search turned up this thread. Hopefully it is related and you can use it.

Hmm… well it seems to make sense to shut down the org.fenggui.Display, but I don't have the version with the setEnabled(boolean b) method, so I need to update–however, any time I try to SVN the source, it throws an error and shuts down… I guess I'll just have to search around.

Just found a copy of FengGUI's jar, and it worked like a charm. TYVM.