Gaming Collaboration

There are many people working with JME that all have different talents. Some model experts, some know alot about OpenGL materials and lights, some data structures some networks. Wonder if anyone fancies a collaboration to try and stretch JME abit more and share knowledge.

The collaboration in producing JMonkeyWorld was fanatastic, wondering if anyone would fancy doing a JMonkeyGame as a collaboration.

If anyone fancies a mad few weeks of assembling a game say so.

Maybe frogies roll - a - frogger could be adapted using AI and obstacles on the pitch with differeing levels ( DF Permitting of course ). The first person shooter seems to have been done alot, so something slightly different to that maybe.

Im creating a game that is separate to the collaboration as im sure most of you are too, but I constantly spend loads of time learning things through trial and error… The intention with the collaboration is that we can speak directly to each other on messenger or whatever and learn from each other. we will see each others code in the collaborated game which will benefit our own games.

we should set a concentrated time frame - ie 2 weeks. Should state what you feel youre strongest points are and what you most hope to gain from the collaboration

Ok, ill start.

Strong on core java, back end, database, messaging, general design.

Ok on entry level JME, have built a networked game that currently has 4 JME scenes in it…

Awful computer artistry and spatial awerness ( try to build fibonacci algorythms to do it for me ). Currently experimenting with materials and lighting. Exploring model loading and understanding how to make a game like the sims do-able.

Suggestions welcome, game theme up for grabs

I wouldn't be opposed to the idea.  I'm currently trying to finish two other non-game related projects and once those are done I will be hitting game development again with renewed ambition. :o  I definitely intend to bring Roll-A-Rama to a more playable state, and have done some preliminary work on "Roll-A-Rama Vertigo" which is a single-player mode where you are going through a maze suspended in the air and you are trying not to fall off.  It's very similar to Super Monkey Ball for those that have played that.  The big issue I've found with my game apart from some network reliability issues I'm addressing now (related to my hosting, not my API just to be clear) is that a networked game needs to already be popular before it's really going to be successful as a network game…otherwise people get on once and see that no one else is there and typically never come back.

I would be willing to assist in a new project as well.  It will likely be the beginning of May before I'll be available to put any serious coding time into anything though.


i think the main problem whith this proposal is that most of us do something whith jme in their spare time(of which i don't have very much), and not on a regular basis. most of us also have their own projects they are working on. so i don't know what to say about that "concentrated time frame". i like the idea of starting a game project together whith people of this community, but i couldn't promise that i would have the time to keep up whith the other developers. an "open jme community project" where developers are welcome to contribute when they can would be more adequate for me.

kidneybean said:

Wonder if anyone fancies a collaboration to try and stretch JME abit more and share knowledge.

well, that's what the wiki is for. :P

as of my skills... well, i'd call them "a bit of everything, but not enough of any" :)  that includes: core java (good), 3d modelling(not so good), 2d/vector graphics (not so good), a bit of opengl (only a bit), smartassing (very good), general desing (good i think - did not really had the chance to prove it). non-applicable skills excluded.

This is good.

Concentrated time frame is not essential. Likewise starting in may gives a chance to plan

As a matchbox Project Managers sketch :-

Need people to take control and design under the following umbrellas

JME Physics



Data Objects

Database to DataObjects ( Perhaps code generated for the basic ones )

Graphic Enhancing - Lighting materials bloom etc

Need to agree on a development platform, would like to propose eclipse.

We need a game theme, perhaps the JMonkeyBall II with a twist, rather than just being a race, startegy also. Allows you to camp for 10 seconds to make a building where you are. Then the building can produce units which fight. The idea is to wipe out youre oponents and be the last one standing. You can either go get the power ups, but run the risk of not having an army, or get a few power ups and then start army building - sure there will someone that sets up a website of best tactics. The power ups could allow for +1 for defence / attack or allow for flying units to be built early.

May is good cause it gives us time to write the game rules.

Personal thoughts is to get something working thats basic,

then the java programmers can write in the units rules - pass round internal messages and save game state,

network programmers can sort out chat and general message bouncing, message efficiency, player synchronisation

Graphics people have a floor, sky and scenery to work on

Database people can save and receive state

Modellers have plenty to do.

kidneybean said:

We need a game theme ...

well, that's the most important part.
without a well-defined game idea/concept it wouldn't make any sense to start. everyone could be enthusiastic at the beginning, but then drop development because "it isn't what they belived it to be like". (or similar - i think you get the idea).
so here's my suggestion:
open a thread about the game concept and try to define it as good as possible. when you have a minimum of developers which offer to join, and after you have that plan, open a sourceforge project (they even have svn support now) and start the project. that way other developers may still be able to join later.

well... about your current game concept: i didn't quite understand it  :| race + strategy + building ? i don't get the idea - can't imagine how the gameplay could be. sorry.

Sounds good

The game theme - winner is last one standing - when all others have been wiped out.

Dark Frog has a platform level, Youre MonkeyBalls are super heros - similar to star craft, warcraft 3 or Total Anhilation.

On the board are special power ups, that the first person to roll their monkey over can claim. More about the power ups later.

The player has to decide wether to go look for power ups or create a building - its takes say 20 seconds for the player to make a building.  The building can create fighting units. One of special unit created allows the MonkeyBall to do damage, the monkeyball must absorb the unit, the more he absorbs, the stronger he gets. Other units can destroy opponents units and opponents buildings.

The power ups may allow faster building creation, faster unit creation, better unit defence / attack. Once a building is created the monkey is allowed to roll around to find more power ups or to strategically create other buildings. Maybe defence towers ??

Would need to add in AI per the point that not always someone is online.

Anyone like the game plan, any mods, suggestions ??

If you want a brutally honest opinion it seems like converging two very different game ideas and they don't seem to fit very well together. :-p  Perhaps others might have differing opinions, but I think most people that play a first-person shooter style game want action and don't want to be spending too much time on the strategy aspects, they'd rather be shooting people. :-p  As for the other side, they typically prefer strategy-only kind of games…I could be wrong on this, but that's the way I see it.

I had considered doing something similar to what you're talking about and having an arena style game in Roll-A-Rama where you can pick-up power-ups and use them to try to knock the opponents off the side…a king of the mountain style idea.


well, I really like strategy games, and also fps ones.

and to be true, I miss a bit of strategy feel in fps games, and a bit of more adrenaline in strategy games…at the end one just load one or another depending in the mood…

IE, am big fan of UT, but also like games like rise of nations, age of empires, etc.


I would have to agree with that.  I'm actually a fan of both, I would just not want necessarily want both aspects in one game since in many ways they are contradictory.  If I'm playing a game like Civ4 it might be cool to double click on the units fighting and get to get in there in a FPS style and kick some barbarian rear, but it just doesn't really fit with the style of the game.


yep, that's true

Strategy or action then.

It would be hard for the player to order unit production/movement whilst rolling around terrain at lightening speeds, is the ball a fps or a third ps

You can make the buildings automated once they are placed, the strategy would be placing the billdings, OR you can simplify comanding the buildings in a fps by making the character drop flags to tell the building where to send units.

kidneybean, if you’re asking if RR is fps or tps see for yourself:



i'd say it's a third person ball shooter :slight_smile:

third person EXPLODING ball shooter…HUGE difference! :-p


Nice idea,

i dont think we can agree on what to make however.

I am currently developing an MMORPG. Together with 2 collegues.

As i see it i am not the only one here trying such a thing. I guess Galun does the same with his "world of mystery" client.

Okey Dokey

I propose a smiple strategic game.

Startegy based like Command And Conquer. Its a build em up and go wipeout

add  buildings to create units, need a form of resource to buy units with

  1. What is the theme - futuristic or historic or modern
  2. Full 3d or fudged isometric ( 3d requires proper models )
Todi said:

Nice idea,
i dont think we can agree on what to make however.

I am currently developing an MMORPG. Together with 2 collegues.
As i see it i am not the only one here trying such a thing. I guess Galun does the same with his "world of mystery" client.

I was thinking of making a MMORPG when I got some free time for the fun of it( and the hope that It may one day become publishable).

I may be willing to help you wright yours if you need it and I had more information.

my unwanted 2 cents…  RTS is probably a good way to go for a semi-complex game.  It has very definable gameplay, has a smaller amount of necessary content than an MMO and yet it can still be challenging and fun.  Still, given it's a no-money situation, you're realistically likely to run out of steam before you finish.  If you want a better chance of getting the game done, I'd suggest an arcade style shoot'em up (anyone remember Blood Money?) or a puzzle game like Lumines.  Both are lots of fun, could be made 2 player and would have a fairly wide audience.  (not to mention those kinds of games sell easier to portal sites like Yahoo if you wanted to go that way sometime down the road.)

Brain fart…From a visitors perspective there is already a visible showcase game project in MojoMonk's Flag Rush tutorials.  However, a visitor may see the unfinished work plus the infrequent news posts and conclude that jME is dead.  Maybe as a first start to work out the collaboration kinks the cTeam could complete Flag Rush.  Of course, if Mojo is OK with this idea that is.

I defer to the Hero Members, but think it would be easier and quicker to finish it than starting a whole new project.  The other benefit is that the end result helps to train Noobs to jME which equals more members.  :smiley: