Gaps between terrain

Okay, I have been looking for a solution to this for about a week, I have deduced that this must be a problem with terraingrid. I am getting gaps between each terrainquad with terraingrid & I really cant figure out why. The image is a run using the HelloTerraingrid code & 129x129 images split up by hand in photoshop. I hope @Sploreg (or someone else :stuck_out_tongue: ) can help me out once again cause I’m really stumped. Thanks guys.

Do the gaps happen at the join between grids?


Do you have LOD turned on? Try with it off and see if the gaps are gone.

If they aren’t gone, then the images aren’t quite seamed together. Remember that the edge pixels of the heightmap must be the same as the neighbour’s height map edge. The edge vertices are essentially sharing that height value, so the heightmap image needs the same edge values as its neighbour.

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turning LOD off makes the terrain dissapear.

Il have to change it all now :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

@javagame said:
turning LOD off makes the terrain dissapear.

Wait, what? That's odd. Is something else going on?