Gaps between textured ploys (when viewed from a distance)

Hi Everyone,

If anyone can offer some guidance with this it would be VERY much appreciated.  I've attached a screen shot to help demonstrate the problem.

I have a textured model loaded via ObjToJme.  Close up the object (and texture) appears as expected… but as I move away from the object I begin to see 'cracks' in the texture.  If it helps I can email the texture and model…  The model renders as expected in other packages…

Any help would be fantastic I'm pulling my hair out over this one.

Hello again,

I have a theory.  When loading textures with the texture loader does it by any chance resize them internally to 1024x1024?  My original texture is 2048x2048 and this re-sampling might account for the gaps?

I've switched off all filtering ans mipmap generation but the problem remains?



If you think that is the problem, resize the image in Photoshop to test it out.