Garbled Textures on Android

Using the SDK 3.1.0_xbuf-snapshot running an app on Android with my jME-TrueTypeFont library I’m experiencing an issue where the texture atlas is garbled after locking/unlocking the screen. If I use the home key to put the app into the background then bring it back up everything is fine, but if I lock the screen while the app is in the foreground and then unlock it the texture atlas is messed up.



Also note that the FPS display has vanished after unlocking as-well. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be the issue here?

P.S. On my original tests built with Android Studio this was not a problem, although I was using different beta1 libraries I had downloaded shortly after beta1 was released and I wasn’t using AndroidFragment, but instead was extending AndroidHarness. I tried putting this one into Android Studio with the new beta1_xbuf libraries and still had the issue.