GBUI ComboBox glitch

Does anybody know what's going on with the GBUI glitch where ComboBox objects display properly the first time they're clicked and then have white blocks the second time? It's actually a major problem for me…

I've reported the same problem.

I have been searching a little and I cant find where did you post the same problem. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have also some problems with this, I use BScrollingList with some buttons. The buttons are toggle buttons as usual and I define background picture for them when they are selected. Anyway, when I select them in my menu, there is no picture showed, just a blank space. I make sure the picture is properly loaded, the path is OK, etc etc, I even put the same picture for background to normal buttons. Everything works just fine, only when I select one item in the list it appears like it loses all the style settings…

Any ideas? :confused:


I don't know how I missed this post.  This is a bug that came up and can be demonstrated in aTechnique.  It seems to be creeping up all over the place with different components.  I'll add this to the same list of things to check once I find the bug source.

Sorry I missed it.  If you have a bug that comes up and I don't respond within a week, send me a PM and let me know to check it out cause it got overlooked.

it looks like my first week back is going to be reverting revisions to find where the problem started and how to fix it.


Regarding my last post in this thread, this thing got fixed and works fine now (I am not really sure if library got fixed or I fixed it, because I wrote everything from start again :)).

Anyway, didn't really see this for some time, but now I noticed it: when using BScrollingList with BToggleButton-s in it, if I set size of a list to only show for example 5 of 10 toggle buttons at once and if I select all of them and then scroll the list and select remaining ones so that all the buttons are selected, and then scroll again, the buttons which weren't visible before but were selected get unselected.

Jao, I complicated a little, but hopefully you can understand it. :slight_smile: