GBUI + GameState

OK… i got a big problem when adding those two together.

as far as i know, to put a gamestate to work, you create a class that extends GameState( then you will create the "update(float interpolation)" "render(float interpolation)" and "cleanup()".

no problem, did it! Now all i need is to add it to the Game itself! let's see, i got now a BIG problem!

Since the GameState is for the MainMenu, or the InGameMenu, does not matter which, i need EVERYTHING that is not the GameState to freeze, pause = true would work, if it were not for the fact that the GameStateManager.update() is inside the simpleUpdate() method, that stops when pause=true. so both ends up paused!

if it that were not enough, the bWindow is not rendering in Ortho mode, so when i move the camera i can see it's flatness :open_mouth:

now i just made a test project and added only the Main, WindowManager and MenuState classes, and even if the update and render methods on the MenuState are happening, nothing appears! yay, a different problem!

if you want to see the not-ortho problem, then i guess the only way is to get the Netbeans project from . I'm uploading the 3 classes from the test project also, fo some reason i can't upload .java, so i renamed to .txt

I'm totally clueless on what to do!

So you fixed the issue where you weren't getting anything.

I've got a large set of code at

I'll check out your code here shortly.

did not managed to get your game to work, it seens to use jME1. anyways:

managed to get it to render the GameState…

i was using the first line of:

now it works proprialy, except that i still can’t pause the MainGame without pausing the Menu too ;D

but it’s rendering as intended

yeah, no, my game is JME 1.1 and was only meant to give you access to look at the MenuGameState work I did to see if anything jumped out at you.

I haven't had a chance to run the code, but I'm going to guess that the pause portion is surrounding all of the rendering and not just the game portion.