Gbui lose some styles

Hi again,

I have a problem with Gbui and GameStates again. My problem is when I load my app with gbui and bss style all is correct, but if I go to some other gamestate using the menu, when I back to the state before, some styles (like the images) are missing, but not all of them.

To activate and deactivate the gbui windows I use this functions (this is from atchnique project, but a little modified):

public void activate() {
   // Display the GBUI portion
   GameTaskQueueManager.getManager().update(new Callable<Object>() {
      public Object call() throws Exception {
         return null;

public void deactivate() {
   // If still active, hide the GBUI portion
   if (_window.getRootNode() != null) {

The BuiSystem.init() function is called in the constructor of the GbuiGameState class.


Sorry, been out for three weeks.  I think this issue is related to the same issue that's going on with aTechnique.  I'm adding your code to my check for the bug…if the other two are fixed and this one isn't then it's something else, but looking at the code I'm sure it's related to the same issue.


Have you double checked this yet?  I forgot to mention that MJsimpson had fixed the issue with aTechnique and it works now…the latest is in the SVN trunk.  I'll probably do a release this weekend.

I had the same issue, and with the newest GBUI code from svn it's working fine.

Thanks  :slight_smile: