General advice

Hello there!
So i’m looking at building a house environment. Now i’ve been using blender for some aspects and realised that it can be quite difficult putting everything together into one big model and then having the character navigate such model. It’s also quite hard finding lots of little models that will fit into this house to make up the details of it.

I’m probably asking a dud question here but does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Possible short cuts I can use for now?

The first instance of this needs to be done in 3 months time - after that I get a year to finish everything off! Yippie!

Included in this game I need to have interfaces and two other characters(with very basic animation). I don’t think it’s a massive amount to complete in 3 months, I think it’s partly just my anxiety getting in the way that I won’t be able to do it within 3 months although I am a competant java programmer.

Anyhu, any advice, recommended short cuts or anything that I could use for now?

Thankyou :slight_smile:

This is why it takes companies so long to get out new levels for games :wink: Its a tradeoff thing. You can batch stuff in the SceneComposer to try around and work on levels and what you need mobile, what can be batched etc. I also plan to add atlasing features through the TextureAtlas utility class at some point but for general static objects you should probably use atlases in the first place when creating the models so they can easily be batched later.

My advice is just to start, otherwise you will be staring at it for ages.

Just get something in and start building out one step at a time…