General Query

I am working on a project which is simple soccer free kick game. I have these two images as a crude prototype of what i am trying to develop. The game is like the ball is randomly placed at some position in the field and the person then adjusts direction, power and elevation on the ball and tries to score a goal.

There are no player models and goal keeper. I have been working java for quite some time but i am new to the 3d world. While googling around for various resources i came across this jmonkeyengine. I am thinking of using it for this project. Is it an overkill?

What resources should i start reading into first to get started on this project quickly… since it's a simple game and I will not be using most of the advanced features of the engine.

I think you have come to the right place! To get started I suggest heading over to the wiki and following a tutorial there to get jME up and running. After that I would say go through the Flag Rush Tutorial, as it is a very good introduction to jME and how to approach making your first game.

Good Luck!

Thank you!

make sure to check out jmephysics also.

you can use jmephysics to kick the ball pretty realistic into the goal and also for easy collision detection.

yeh i figured that out jmephysics library will be useful for such stuff… I think I will need to fire a projectile of the soccer ball. does the physics library has support to this ? or I will have to code the physics for this feature?

You can apply an impulse force to the soccer ball. jME Physics also has some tests and tutorials with it.

I am going through the tutorials… will hopefully start the development pretty soon.

Thanks a lot!