Generate normals


is there a jme class to generate normals ?

I create the mesh procedurally, i know index,vertex,uv but not the normals.

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There is not predefined function,

but if you know the 3 vertexes, you can define a plane, And then you can use that plane to calculate a normal (see google or persons with better math skills)

jME3 Math Overview: plane



What kind of mesh is it and how do you create it procedurally?

My code converts an image into a 3d shape, i will release it when i finish.

original image


Simple symmetry Y

Simple Symmetry X

I have 8 symmetry operations.

Theoritically i could do spherical coordinate symmetry, radial symmetry, whatever and see if it is good looking.

I will use some of these as enemies, stage layout, doors, equipment.

Now i am implementing the extrude so it is 3d.

The only thing i would worry is the uv on the [y dimension] since it will be just extruded.

For that, the normals would be easy because they are all pointing in the same direction, right? So just Vector3f.UNIT_Y.

Not so much harder for the sides when extruded, either, but you will actually have to calculate them. But that’s just a cross product with Vector3f.UNIT_Y and the normalized vector if one of the x,z edges.


thank you, you are right