Generating normals at runtime?

Is there way to progamatically generate the normals for a model when I load it? I as because I have a few dozen models where the normals are defined by the vertex order ?

Uhm, sure it is, its just a FloatBuffer…

Ok, I assume there is no Geneator for that then already (like the tangent one). Guess I will have to do one myself, and contribute it then :slight_smile:

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Ah, no, there isnt but I think @Kaelthas is working on something similar for the blender importer.

There was one for jME2 but it requires copying attributes if ported to jME3 which is why I haven’t gotten to implementing it yet.

The GeometryBatchFactory and Mesh.setInterleaved() calls are doing attribute copying which is what you’re looking for :wink:

Good luck