Generic material system for in-game editor of tracks etc

Hi monkeys,

I’m trying to make my material system more generic.
Basically, I want to make it able to support materials that aren’t unshaded or lighting and allow the tuning of all their values.
The same system would be used in my (coming) vehicle editor and so on.

Currently, my circuit materials are loaded from matDefs and additional material “data” is loaded from the circuit file.
Problem is, I haven’t found a generic way to interrogate the material to expose it’s “data” to allow changing it… therefore, all possibilities are hard-coded.
Problem 2: my current system doesn’t allow the tuning of uniforms etc via the in-game editor.

I’ve checked the EditableMaterialFile from the sdk which was helpful.

Currently, I’m thinking of having my matDefs come with a config file so the in-game editor could generically allow the tuning of the materials.

But, since the engine allows me to get a list of default techniques, but not of non-default techniques, is this solution bound to fail? Or does it only seem a problem due to my lack of knowledge here?
A’m I missing a simpler way?