Generic Multitread Visualizer

Hi Community, it have been a long time since I used JME, so please excuse me if i’m not going to use the correct JME terminology.
I’m thinking on using JME to visualize object graphs:
a visualizable object will be in structure similar to a JME Node, containing information about his position, rotation, scale and either a list of child nodes or a
“primitive node” that contains the arrays of points coordinates+triangles + texture information.
the idea is that one tread will be able to register objects to be visualized, and for each registered object, a new window will show the corresponding rendering.
For each registered object a JME tread will, every refresh time, copy the object as a JME set of Nodes and then visualize the frame.
I’m going through this indirection since I would like to make the same object graph visualizable by multiple engines at the same time (not just JME)
I wonder if this approach suite well the JME structure, or if my solution would encounter significant slow downs w.r.t. a program that update the JME set of Nodes itself directly.

It should be ok but make sure any call that updates JME’s scene graph is done on the JME thread. You can enqueue those calls to the application object app.enqueu(Callable).