GeometricUpdateListener in JME3

Hey guys,

In JME2, there was a GeometricUpdateListener interface that could be assigned to spatials. I see that nodes have an updateGeometricState() method, but wasn’t sure what to do about the prior interface. At first I thought an update control would be in order, but I don’t think that’s a true 1-to-1 port…but I could be totally wrong.


I have never used jME2, but describe what you want to accomplish then I/someone may be able to guide you in the right direction =)

When a spatial undergoes a transformation, I’d like to be notified and react in some way. I don’t think a controlUpdate() call would work because it’s my understanding that this is constantly called (~once every frame). Is there another way to achieve such behavior?


It’s not ideal but your controlUpdate() could store previous frames transform and compare it.