GeometryBatchFactory fix(?)


I’ve just synced up the GeometryBatchFactory containing the lod modification and some other recent changes, and have noticed a small issue (it seems).

I noticed that the Nodes i sent off to be batched, retained the nodes they had prior to batching, and then added the freshly batched geometries, thus having a few excessive spatials.

I added:


between gatherGeoms() and makeBatches() to dump them. This fixes my particular issue, but i don’t know if it’s simply an oversight, or there’s a reason for not doing so already, and i break something else.

Thats strange because the code clearly detaches the old geoms

It removes the geometries, but not the nodes, right?

Edit: In those cases you have a tree.

Okay in that case the code is bugged. Do we have a fix?

Not atm.

detachAllChildren() did not work correctly in all cases either.

Funnily enough, making a new Node does (in all my case at least), but i can see why that’s not ideal. I’ll have another look at it.