Geotools 3d representation help

Hi! I

thank you for your answer, in the part of dependencies of the web:

"The 3D rendering pipeline requires the Java Monkey Engine (JME) version 0.10, which in turn requires LWJGL version 0.99"

I will try to ask the people who has implemented it, because I can

Probably a question for their devs…  Also, I don't see anywhere that states it uses jME?

There was someone on here a few months back that was looking at doing some 3D rendering in GeoTools with jME…perhaps he's still around or perhaps that's his project? :o

I've got quite a bit of experience with GeoTools, but I'm not proud of it. :)  Everything I've done though was for aircraft positioning for the government and that was a few years ago now, so I'm sure it has changed a lot.

Heh, I see the reference now.  I guess I was drilling too far in because it’s not listed here: