German keyboard


is it possible to set KeyInput to a german keyboard? I’m asking because I need an output of the keynames but I need the names for a german keyboard, z=y, y=z, and so on.

Can anybody help?


Hm this shouldn’t be. Whenever I use jme3 and hit z it tells me i pressed z (I’m german as well)

How are you checking what key is pressed?

Check you OS’s keyboard settings.

I’m creating an editor with Swing and Jme and there I have a JComboBox in which I load the names of the keys in the following way:


JComboCox combo = new JComboBox();

int h=1;

do {





If I do it in this way, the names of the keys are written line by line of the keyboard.


If I then choice the key Z in the JComboBox, the Event that should start starts when I type the key Y.

  1. edit:

    ignore the edit before! this was with another change. The keys are written in the same way as an english keyboard they have. … rtyui… , zxcvb…