Get all meshes and their vertices for DXF-export

I’m having a lot of geometrie in my progamm that is done with meshes ( geom=new Geometry(“mesh”, mesh) ).
Is there a possibility to extract all those geometries that are attached to the rootnode.
I’m asking because I want to export the triangles to DXF-Format. I don’t care about materials or textures or even normals.
I’m just interested in the pure triangles.
Is there a way to get a List of the triangles and their vertices?

Then look for “getTriangle”

Thanks for the fast response, but when i read the data like in the example below I just get the relative values related to the node. But I need the world coordinates of the vertices

Mesh  m = new Mesh();
m = g.getMesh();
Triangle triangle = new Triangle();
m.getTriangle(0, triangle);

Open the javadoc.
find Spatial
search through the methods for something that will translate “local” to “world” coordinates.