Get image from camera to process

hi everyone,

i’ve use the TestCameraMan to display the image of an other camera, and show two objects, what i need now is segmenting the image to identify where is each object and know when they are touching

so, i dont know how can i get the image from the camera, the same it’s showing in the monitor, to use in a segmentation algorithm to know when the two objects are close.

from what i’ve seen in

i think i might help me

but, i dont know exactly how works “OffscreenRenderer”

i’ve found this page:

from what i get i need to create and add those classes to their package (,,, because i cant find them in jme, am i right??

the problem is that for, the code is wrong or missing

because the functions: isCreated() and getRenderer() doesnt exist

any other idea how can i make it??

thank you all for your further help