Get Mouse position on level (one coordinate is constant)

so what i'm needed:

i'm have level (no terrrain or something else simple grid)

on this level i'm has point when i'm move mouse point move to mouse position

camera has free place (angle not constant)

can somebody help me with it?

some way it add glass terrain level and get point on it with Pick

but it's not good way IMHO

I don't understand the question :expressionless:

Can you explain better? Or can somebody else explain?

That made me realize how easy of a fix it would be and I just made it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Now there should be no debate since it will work just like every other element in jME. :slight_smile:


wrong topic?  XD

How very strange…I hit reply on the right one…I know I did.  :?

sure you did…sure you did…blame the internet…

It's the HTTP thingy…it's too hyper for its own good…went too fast and got confused. :stuck_out_tongue: