getAppliedImpulse not working

there seems to be no enableFeedback (I’m using the native version if that makes a difference)

without enableFeedback why have getAppliedImpulse ? is this a bug?

I’d like to implement this myself, the coding is the easy part! with such a complex and large project, I can’t seem to find the ant target that will run javah to generate the c++ header file…

I’d have a stab at running javah manually but I’m guessing there are probably multiple classpaths even for and its dependencies …

well what a journey, after my mingw not having a switch the windows library build needed I decided to give up on compiling the native-lib

however I did discover that despite not having jbullet.jar or jME3-jbullet.jar in my library section of my project it was still using jbullet (feedback doesn’t work in jbullet aparently)

even clean and build didn’t stop it from using jbullet!

it wasn’t until I changed jME3-bullet-natives.jar and jME3-bullet.jar in the project order to right at the top (it might have been enough that I disturbed the libraries order?) that I finally got the message:

Bullet-Native: Initializing java classes

in my console and low and behold getAppliedImpulse works

although I did think it was disabled by default on all joints for speed reasons until you enabled it per specific joint, but then a lot changes over time with bullet without it being too apparent…

I assume the library issue and it still using jbullet is some obscure library caching ?
anyhow I thought I’d post it here in case someone else got caught out…