Getter method for PassNodeState's passState

There is only setter method for passState (setPassState()) , but no getter method.

I think sometimes it would be useful. (some kind of checking, change… etc)

Is there any chance to add this method?

Or is there any reasons not to make it public?

Index: src/com/jme/scene/
--- src/com/jme/scene/   (revision 3954)
+++ src/com/jme/scene/   (working copy)
@@ -107,6 +107,10 @@
     public void setPassState(RenderState state) {
         passStates[state.getType()] = state;
+    public RenderState getPassState(int renderStateType) {
+       return passStates[renderStateType];
+    }
      * Clears an enforced render state index by setting it to null. This allows

Agreed, applied.