Getting a CharacterControl to do different movements than stand?

My player is controlled by a CharacterControl, or rather an extension of it I made called PlayerCharacterControl (so I can better keep track of some variables). I want to make my player able to crouch, lay down, dive, and do some other things, but I’m confused as to how I would. Right now I have it set so that my collision sphere changes shape (shortens) but for some reason it doesn’t want to work. I re-assign the collision shape using characterControl.setCollisionShape(); but it doesn’t change. Anybody done this before, or have any ideas?

You’d have to at least re-add the character to the physicsspace as well I guess. You could also play with scaling the collision shape. Generally I’d build my own character based on ray/sweep tests and with kinematic body parts.

That got it to work, thanks!