Getting a single "puff"

I’ve decided that in my game, if they miss, where ever the ray hits the terrain, I want a “puff” of dust. So I created the particle emitter in the scene editor, but I can’t figure out how to use the “emit all particles” in the game, as I want a “puff”, instead of a steady stream…

i think you need to make it in code, like loop “add particle emitter, emit all particles - remove particle emitter”, but im not sure if there is build in way to do it.

but in code its easy to do it with controls system.

Set particles per second to 0.

Emit all particles.

Remove emitter after max particle life time has passed.


I didn’t think of removing it after max particle life, but in code, is there a way to emit all particles?

… try reading the javadoc and looking for a method called something very much like emitAllParticles :wink:

-.- Note to self: try the most obvious method… then search javadoc.

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