Getting access to the main loop and /or how to use standard game

Ok, so I've seen and run the basic game and standard game examples.

I still don't see where I can create and destroy simple objects at runtime, and /or control them with simple key binds.

For example, I want to create a capsule:

<pseudo code>

Capsule c = new Capsule ("james", 4,5,4,5,3.0,6.0)

if (key hit(200) ) {

    c.rotate(9,0,0) ;  //x,y,z


</pseudo code>

Where can I do such a thing in code…?  Are there more examples I can learn from?


There are lots of examples in your jmetest folder.

You can also check out the tutorials in the wiki.

how to react to key input? DebugGameState

how to access main loop? extend GameState (override update() and render()) and add to GameStateManager (singleton)