Getting extra data from blender to jmonkeyengine (through gltf)

In the code I provided, the mesh name would end up being the name of the geometry. Jme has no concept of a mesh name.

Yes I know. And that’s a bit of a problem in my case. I’m using the mesh name to find a mesh from another library (my own concept) so that my different game levels can reuse the same mesh. In Blender I name my mesh ‘link_Whatever’ and that gets translated to ‘Whatever’ which is a mesh in another library. So in a way I’m abusing the current gltf loader ‘bug/feature’ for this. I hope I can read the custom properties from the mesh through an extension. If so I can probably solve this using that feature

You can use a Gltf ExtrasLoader for such properties which will be loaded as UserData in JME.

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Yes I’m already using that system for reading object properties. Just hope it also works for meshes

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As far as I know, I don’t think there is anything for user data implemented for meshes. It would have to be stored in the geometry spatial if it was. But I can check and see if it is.