Getting jMonkeyEngine SDK into Ubuntu Apps repository

The Ubuntu developers recently announced the newly (re?-)published app developer site:

If any Debian/Ubuntu-savvy user out there would be interested in setting this up for us, we should talk. We’ve tried going through this process before, but it just proved too time consuming. I’m thrilled to see that they have an effort to streamline the process.

Oh cool… I prepared packing a .deb in the build.xml… Gonna check if it meets the requirements, should be easy to do.

I’ve been looking it over; it all looks wonderfully simple now. I’ll probably submit a .deb package for approval as soon as Beta-1 is out.

Could someone please confirm that we meet the packaging requirements? See #5:

(...) to package your software properly, it must meet a set of simple requirements:
- Be in one, self-contained directory
- Be able to be installed into /opt/
- Be able to be executed by all users from /opt/
- Note: Users only have read and not write privileges to this directory.
- Write all configuration settings to ~/.
(This can be one file or a directory containing multiple configuration files.)

Very nice!!!

I looked for jMonkeyEngine SDK at Ubuntu Apps repository and I couldn’t find anything. What happen? Are there going to be release of it soon?

If I recall correctly, this got problematic because of our dependencies, especially the NetBeans Platform.

Their feedback:
“Thanks for your submission, a very quick look at the content of your package shows that everything seems to be mostly at the right place. There should just be one small change which is to use /opt/ instead of /opt/jmonkeyplatform Also, it’d be great if you could submit the source package as that’s what we need for the review and upload. Even better would be if you can have a PPA with the source uploaded there so we can review both the source and resulting binary at one place. Please remember that to qualify for, you need to have all the binaries included in your package to be built from the source package. A very quick look showed me you had a few bundled jars which wouldn’t be allowed in”

Which apparently would end up at maybe 8-10 GB. But none of us are very Linux-savvy so maybe we just misunderstood something? If someone wanted to give it a shot I’d be happy to let them apply on our behalf.

They basically say “java apps are not allowed” in that answer.