Getting jMonkeyEngine working with an Oculus Rift


I’m running debian jessie x64, and would like to start writing some stuff for my Oculus Rift using jme.

I’ve installed jMonkeyEngine from downloaded from

I’ve grabbed a copy of jmonkeyengine-oculus-rift from

Upon opening the project, I get this error:

Clicking Resolve Problems gives this:

JUnit doesn’t want to automatically install, and I have no idea where or which files to pick for this missing ones.

How do I get this project working?

Please treat me as a complete newbie with jme. If I need to download more things and install them, please tell me exactly which files to download and where in the project structure to put them (even if it seems obvious).


PS, since I’m new, I apparently can’t put an image in a post. So copy/paste the links to see the errors.

You can just ignore the junit warning, for the rest ask the oculus project suppliers.

I think that, if you’re not planning on doing any development for the oculus rift lib, you can just add JMonkeyOculusRift.jar to your project and work from there.
If you want to build it from the sources, you need to add the jars specified to that project before you can build it. I think you will be on the safe side if you add the ‘jme3’ and ‘jme3-libraries’ libs to the project.

Does the SDK plugin with the library work / get updated? Plugin builds are back up so if you update the jar it should be distributed.

I just pushed the latest JMonkeyOculusRift.jar from googlecode to the plugins contributions.