Getting settings from .txt file

Hello, my knowledge of Java is not complete and I find myself needing the ability to store data in a .txt file and read from that file - even though I have never done this sort of thing.

Does anyone have a link for a good tutorial or care to explain it here?

Thank you, I’m using this to store settings for sprites, as I’m making my own GUI system.

EDIT: Think I just created a multithread sprite system, just need the settings to test it.

Also, does anyone have advice for creating a new file type in windows and reading from it? Kinda need to create a sprite file type that is internally different folders with one txt file and image files for each frame.

There are probably many Java-beginner forums that would be able to provide more help than a game engine forum will.

Or is your issue integration with the asset manager?

Thank you, I’ll look that over.

I probably should have asked at one of those, I simply have never had the need to learn how to do this until now and thus did not know.

EDIT: taking over just java stuff to a different site, will return here with jmonkey specific questions. Wasn’t really thinking, thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong area!