Getting Started (Again)

Alright, I know that I was on about a year ago, and I was definitely in waay over my head.
Since then I’ve read books in my spare time about java, and I’m about to finish up a college-level course on java.

I would love to start again, so here I am, about a year later, ready to take on another project, and hoping for better results than last time.
I would like to do this the right way, so I’ve worked through the beginners docs, and read through the intermediate ones, and am now getting to the “bread and butter” of the documentation, and getting started on my first project - a voxel game.

So here I am asking you for advice, what should I focus on, where should I start for my project, what mini-challenges do I need to get started on to get me ready for the massive undertaking I’m getting ready to embark on… etc.

Thanks for the help previously, and hopefully this will turn out much, much better.

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Try like this:

  • Choose gameplay: Quest/Puzzle/Shooter/Strategy
  • Choose camera: Firs Person/Third Person/Top View(like in StarCraft)
  • Choose style: Steampunk/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Middle Ages/Nowadays.

Then Make a story of your world.
Then make programming and get some models.

You are going about it the right way, good luck :slight_smile:

You should look at the cubes project as well, it’s an open source voxel world you can use to build on.

Thanks for the great ideas, hopefully I’ll have something to contribute in a month or so!