Getting started problem... or not


I've just started testing jMonkey, but I'm not completely newby because I was working for a while with LWJGL.

Well the "problem" is, I've just copied and compiled the first example of the tutorial and it works well, but when I move the mouse the Box starts moving. Is this behavior normal? and, if it is, how can I prevent it?

Maybe it is explained later in the tutorial, but I was confused because the tutorial doesn't says anything about moving the box.

Thanks in advance!!

The box is not moving, you are :slight_smile: There is a first person camera handler working in most examples.

Very speedy indeed normen…LOL… anyway… as explained in SimpleGame examples… the default configuration is that you already have a first person camera handler… logically, it is the camera that is moving while you move mouse or press the WASD keys… and not the object in the scene as you've previously stated… you just misinterpreted the movement since the scenegraph only contains only the box and the whole scene is blank and black… anyway good luck with learning JME!

I was figuring out this already, with the next examples (with more items in the screen) is easier to understand.

But, anyway, thank you for answering so fast.

I've also seen that there is a method to disable the default control keys for the SimpleGame class, but I prefer keeping it activated for the moment. It's very useful for testing and look the objects from different perspectives.