Getting Started With jMonkey

Hi all.

I am traveling to the US in this summer for a summer internship.

I need to know very well jMonkey game engine. I installed it and I have watched the two youtube videos.

The problem is that I'm finding it really hard to start with these games Beginners: Starter Tutorials on this website.

Is there any better or easier way to start with JME ? I really need to excel in it in about 2 months from now.

I don't have a strong background in Java, do you think I will suffer in my internship or 2 months are enough ? ( I am also a student in the university).

Thanks for reading. Please reply

I would say the best tutorial is the flagrush one. But you still need to go through the example code in your jmetest folder to learn JME. And to understand some things you need to look at the JME source, but don't worry about that now. Start going through all the jmetest examples and the tutorials in the wiki and you'll soon figure out how to use the JME.

I'm sure whoever you're interning at know what your level of java knowledge is, so don't worry too much about that. Of course, the more you know the better.

in my opinion, you should have very strong programing skills before starting to learn a 3D engine. Also you should know your language very well (Java in this case). I don't think a couple of months is enough to jump into an intensive academic program. Unless of course you already have programmed in C/C++ and with OpenGL or some 3D engine or something. In that case it would be possible, although still challenging, perhaps.

Please let us know more about your general skill set and your strengths. Perhaps we can suggest some other resources (books, websites) to build up your requirements.