Getting Started with own coding - Prolly NOOB Q


Just started using MonkeyEngine today – decided mostly upon this particular engine to learn because of very favorable comments about the user base and the forum  :smiley: Anyway i have a question which Im guessing has a very simple solution that just evades me!

I installed jMonkeyEngine using the Netbeans "get Started" page with all the description and I got the demo test selection stuff running and it all looks very good so i proceeded on to the HelloWorld example under tutorials!  :?

Q: Netbeans underlines most things red including the imports which previous java experience have taught me means you havent yet imported the right stuff or have pointed netbeans towards the right places to look… I thought that was what all the netbeans setup was about.

So how do I make it find the imports and get going with coding of my own?

Thanks in advance for any help  :slight_smile:

Sounds like you do not have all the libraries installed.

In the netBeans guide here there is section c) Create, compile and run your own jME project. When creating your own project for the hello world program, did you go through the steps pointed out there, adding all the necessary libraries to your new project? If not, then that is probably the problem.

If you did, then lets wait for further suggestions from other users, who actually use netBEeans, unlike me :slight_smile: (Eclipse fan)

Doh… you are right! Skipped the line with write your own sourcecode… what an idiot I am hehe Thanks a lot : )