Getting started…

I’m trying to get jMonkeyEngine SDK working, but I’m having some issues.

A fresh install of jMonkey gave this message on opening: “The JDK is missing and required to run some NetBeans modules”.

This means JDK isn’t installed. None of this is mentioned here:

So I download that here:

JavaSE Upgrade

Now it seems like the modules don’t load on startup and I can’t open any projects after creating them. It says “unrecognized project; missing plug-in?” when highlighting the project folder.

“Starting modules” is red on the splash screen too, which might be an issue.

Well the plugins are only disabled when you selected “disable plugins and continue” instead of reading the link that pops up when that happens… Probably uninstalling and reinstalling is the easiest but you can also try enabling the plugins again under Tools->Plugins. The download link should probably point to the download area on this site as it has a “Requirements” list, I changed that. Given that you have no JDK you are probably a java newbie, I suggest you look into java development as this is no point-and-click game generator thing.

I did click disable, but it never asks again, and I couldn’t find anything in the preferences to re-enable it.

I tried clicking reload in the Plugins section, but it gives this message:

Unable to connect to the jMonkeyEngine SDK User Contributions because of Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:

I disabled my firewall and proxy settings, but it still doesn't work.

-.- Go to “installed plugins”, check the checkboxes of those that are disabled and then press enable…

How do I make an mmo?

@maxmunro said:
How do I make an mmo?

such :

xD. That was just a play. Start with the beginner tutorials and when you are an advanced jme programmer, learn more with the MonkeyZone game

@maxmunro said:
How do I make an mmo?

With hard work, patience, perseverance, and a lot of experience.

I was kidding. normen’s attitude was annoying me…

@maxmunro said:
I was kidding. normen's attitude was annoying me...

Heheh... so was I. :) Sometimes the best way to answer a joke question is with a serious yet also completely useless answer. :)

I didn't detect an attitude in these posts... when normen shows attitude it's pretty blatant.