Getting the Geometry of navigation mesh

Hello guys. Does anyone Knows How i have to read the Triangles, the poligons in a NavMesh i made manually in Blender ? i mean, i know how the algoritm works, how to code it, but i don really know how i have to read the raw Geometry, like reading from a file, i know there is a file containing raw data, i know there is a geometry but i dont know how to read the geometry. Please, if sombody knows how to do that, comment . Thanks!

Just import the blender file and get the Geometry and then the Mesh from that…?

[java]Node node = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(blah);
Geometry geom = node.getChild(“geometry name”);
Mesh mesh = geom.getMesh();[/java]

Also read the fine manual and check out our tutorials.

Thanks! the key here is geom.getMesh();
So, i can traverse the meshe using .getTriangle() and then storing them into an arrayList with the size of getTriangleCount(…) or getIndexBuffer() USING getTriangle(a,b)?
Another Question… CollideWith(), just work between Meshes, it has nothing to do with triangles inside the meshe, rihgt?

Thank for the FAST reply Normen!

i readed the documentation until intermediate and it was in Advance documentation. i start working with a “World” but i really want to understand how work the NavMesh and the Geometry so i will be able to create beter ia and so on, i really didnt know that this information were in advance xD thanks