Getting vector3f of the collision

Hi, my question is how do you go about finding the three vector3f of when 2 object collides.  Like when to object intersect, I want to know the location of where they intersected.  I've tried trimesh.getTriangle (int, vector[]) but it didn't seem to work.


Shouldn't calculateCollision, instead of hasCollision, return some usefull facts?

I'm not sure how calculateCollision would help get the location of where this collision happens.  I looked but i couldn't really find anything that would do so.

I'm afraid I don't have time to check this thoroughly right now and I'm not the one on our team who has worked the most with collisions, but here are some things to try:

spatial.findCollisions(node, triResults);






triIndex = sourceTris.get(i);

((TriMesh)sourceMesh).getTriangle(triIndex, vec);

((TriMesh) targetMesh).getMeshAsTriangles(null);


Sorry I can't give you a complete script right now, but I'm sure there must be others here who have done more work on this before. Hope this helps a bit!