Getting where exactly the mouse clicked

I'm working on my first project with jME and looking forward to many more…

I'm currently working on the mouse, and I've run into my first issue.

I want to be able to click somewhere in my scene and have a box I have in my scene move there.

My screen scrolls and rotates. (I use a relative mouse for rotating, and I move my screen when the mouse gets near an edge)

I'm having trouble getting where exactly in my world the mouse clicked.

At first, I could only get the center of the screen plus a little, but I've now figured out that "plus a little" needed to be multiplied by the camera location z, which I did, but now I have a problem with rotation…

When I rotate, my method doesn't work at all… I've been stuck on problems with the mouse for quite a while, and if someone has a snippet of how it's done, that'd let me move on to something else, finally :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and your help!