GhostControls in 2D?

I haven’t tried this yet, mainly because I thought it be effective if I code other parts of my project while gathering input for this question.

Do GhostControls work in 2D? Or, to break it apart,

  1. Do GhostControls work if the camera is set to parallel projection?

  2. Do GhostControls work if the spatial it is attached to is on the guiNode?

I ask this because I’m experimenting with some 2d aspects. I’ve got a xml parser for tmx (xml) files (from Tiled) and I can recreate the level in jME (I’ll clean it up for some plugin, or library, magic, I think, after Winter). It’s just that, if I have collision objects defined from the tmx file, I don’t know how to go about setting up collisions with a player. I was thinking either

a) Ghost Controls b) check position of player against all points known to be collidable.

Problem with b) is that the image is scaled and stuff to fit any resolution, so getting scaled points for the collision objects would be tough.

Does anyone have any other ideas for 2D collision though? I’m all ears.