Giant Robot Monkey Model

@mifth suggested in this thread

an giant cyber monkey.

mifth said:
I think characters could be cyber-monkeys! How do you think? - what about such a thing?

here is a concept art by @mifth

feed back so far :
@normen like the right one more.
@baalgarnaal suggested to make the legs shorter to make it look like a monkey,
@mifth answered he was afraid the animation would look weird
@scrubalub said that the left one reminds him of earthworm jim (great game btw :D)

go on with your ideas guys !


The one on the right is more simple and has more character in my opinion. He’s a bit more intimidating than the left as well, partly due to his proportions. The left one looks ‘smarter’ if you know what I mean. It has to do with his more human proportions and posture. All depends on what you guys are going for but I’d pick the right one for a strong villain that’s sorta intelligent to imbecile, and the left one for a more intelligent, and perhaps doesn’t fight with his bare hands type of villain.

Oh, you never specified if this was a good guy or a bad guy, but they both give that vibe to me for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably the lines, concept art tends to do that.

One last thing, it would seem to me the right one would be more fun to model/animate, but that’s just my opinion! If he’s intended to be bigger than the tanks, I’d go for the right one in a heartbeat because it just makes more sense. Taller things are easier to topple, especially at that scale. So the hulkier, stout proportions would be much, much more intimidating.



I second baalgarnaal suggestion, arms should be longer and legs should be shorter.

For animation it’s not really a problem, anyway a monkey walking like a human would be weird. He has to move like a monkey.

Hi! Thanks guyz!

I will finish soon the concept of right monkey.

About visual style: what about such a style…

It’s possible to make such a hi poly model with blender sculpt tools very quickly. Then bake it and paint. I will post the concept soon.

Don’t mean to be the spoilsport, but I’d like to restate my question regarding animation. There’s a reason we don’t see many models like “Sinbad” the ogre around, because humanoid rigging & animation is tough. I’m all for iterative design, but chasing dead ends is something different. Until there’s a very capable and committed animator involved, the concept artists’ time would be better spent conceptualizing more easily realizable assets, such as vehicles and odd looking space props.

i can animate with blender. no problem.

mifth said:
i can animate with blender. no problem.

Great! No problem indeed :)

@mifth yep nice

@erlend_sh yeah but, let’s try it, mifth is willing to put time in this and say he can do it , let’s see what can come out of this. For now this is more an idea than a model so…

not only me, actually. Atomix too. we wil make it together :slight_smile: .

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That’s my concept about the character. What do you think?

Hm me like :slight_smile: I think we could use this as the player character… @nehon is thinking more in the lines of giant robot walker, but its a bit problematic to simulate in a believable way… What do you think?

I supposed it would be a player too.

Edited: but actually, as you (core devs) wish. :slight_smile:

Well for the player I was picturing a human in a light armored suit, didn’t think they would actually be monkeys.

That’s why I thought the robot would be giant, and have more a simian appearance (short legs and long arms), because it wouldn’t have to carry a rifle and just bash things on its way with its punches.

Maybe the first shot you linked (the cgsculpt link) dazzled me so much that my imagination went berserk :stuck_out_tongue:

So I don’t know…I’m not convinced…

As for the picture, the leg are very long compared to the torso (even for human proportions), and very straight.

if legs will be short he will not be able to run on his feet. he will need to run with his hands and legs. Actually i didn’t want to copy idea and art of that man from cgsculpt…

I supposed it would be a character… style like warhammer 40000.

Этот домен продаётся

And we talked previously about 2 races: humans vs. monkeys. Now I actually dont know in what way i should move…

ok sorry i guess i misunderstood something, i’ll talk with Normen about it and i’ll come back to you

mifth said:
if legs will be short he will not be able to run on his feet. he will need to run with his hands and legs.

I thing that actually would be awesome, but then again, I'm not involved in the project (at least, not yet, may as well join in later on for a bit :P)