GIF JMP Icon Does not work in KDE Environment

Hi. GIF JMP Icon Does not work in KDE Environment.

But netBeans and Eclipse use png and they look ok.

Uploaded with

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Is it a JMP bug or a KDE bug really? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, this is not a bug I think.

KDE do not use gif for visualization of icons. only png, svg. And most of programs (Netbeans, Eclipse including) use png for icons. Could you use png for JMP icon too?

I guess so :p, but honestly it’s kinda low priority atm.

But thanks for reporting it :wink:

It will be wonderful. Thank you too!

Guys, would you like to change JMP icon to png? to the Beta. I hope you remember about this little issue.

Its long been made png files already

Oh, sorry, thanks for reply!

@mifth: The core members never forget what you tell them, even it was 2 months ago xD.

Gods(core devs) of my world behold and flame my fire… (Borknagar) :slight_smile: