GImpactCollisionShape creation failure

Hey monkeys,

first of all:
If you don’t think I should use a GImpactCollisionShape, you can look at this thread.

Now to the actual problem.
I have a model and want to create a GImpactCollisionShape out of its mesh.
But when I do that, the GImpactCollisionShape is scaled way bigger than the original model.

In order to clarify I made a little non-working example:
// load model
Node model = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/airship_tiger_physics.j3o”);

// get model mesh
Mesh mesh = ((Geometry) ((Node) model.getChild(“physics”)).getChild(“mesh1”)).getMesh();

// create GImpactCollisoinShape
GImpactCollisionShape collShape = new GImpactCollisionShape(mesh);

// create RigidBodyControl
RigidBodyControl control = new RigidBodyControl(collShape, 0);

// link model and control to each orther, physicsSpace and rootNode

I use the same model to display in the world and to generate the GImpactCollisionShape and I don’t do any scaling.
When I look at the physics debug shape and test it with other rigidbodies I discover that they are not the same size at all.
Any suggestions on why it is like that and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Oh man.
You work hours trying to get a solution and soon after you ask you find it yourself. =D

Anyways, if anyone is curious or has the same problem in the future:

When you create a model with blender and convert it to .j3o there are a bunch of Nodes and some of them may have some scaling.
So you can’t simply use the mesh.

When I tried to set the scale of the geometry to the GImpactCollisionShape it didn’t work but I didn’t investigate very much tbh.
If you export the .blend in .obj (and then to .j3o) however, it works fine.

gimpact ignores scale of nodes, you can however sale it directly, using a somehow calcualted scale you need.