GImpactCollisionShape with scale

I’m developing a game in JME3 RC2. I have a complex mesh with global scale > 1 for which I want to create a detailed collision shape. Looking at com.jme3.bullet.collision.shapes.GImpactCollisionShape I see that there’s a constructor which takes a scale vector, however the constructor is declared private.

It sure would be convenient to create a GImpact shape with scaling. Why is the constructor private? If it were made public, would it work as expected? If not, why not? In the mean time, is there a workaround?

Correction: there’s a createCollisionMesh() method, not a private constructor. But the issue remains.

Why isn’t there a constructor which allows me to specify the scale vector? And is there a workaround?

You first create it and then set the scale via setScale() however not all collision shapes support scaling in all circumstances.

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Okay. Thanks, Normen.