Github Plugins + Automated Plugin Submissions!

As part of the move to github we have been working toward not only on pushing contrubutions to git, but also streamlining the process to make publishing plugins as easy as possible. This new system allows you to simply submit your github repository to us - and we’ll convert it to a plugin automatically for you - and then publish it in our plugins repository - automatically.

We are now nearing completion and are asking for submissions to aid with testing. At this stage your submission will be used only for testing purposes (verifying the procedure works in all cases). Once we are satisfied that the system is robust, your submission will make it into the plugin repository!

The details of how to do this can be obtained on this wiki page. In a nutshell you create a file with a name and description, and give us the github repository URL.

So what are you waiting for! - Submit your github project now!


Big kudos jay,that’s wonderful

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As I said on Jaconda chat it’s awesome! great work jayfella! :mrgreen:

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Great!! I will move my dyn4j integration project to github so you can use it to test this functionality.

1.- I made 2 jme projects, one for dyn4j integration and the other for tests pourpose. My idea is to delivery the plugin and the tests. User will be able to add dyn4j integration as a library and also create a project having all tests I made (same that jme3 tests). Will this be posible?
2.- Both projects mentioned in the previous point were created using new basic game project from SDK. I haven’t add them to a plugin project yet. Is that ok?
3.- It is not totally clear for me the best way of creating a plugin. I don’t know if a have to put the code inside the pluging project or jus add the jar file inside pluging project (wraping jar inside a pluging). Any idea about this?

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  1. This is more of a construction of project question than related to plugins. There are many ways to go about this, but automatic deployment of tests would require a wizard. An easier way would be to create multiple tests within your project and provide a wiki showing them how to run them. For example:
SimpleApplication test1 = new myTest1();
SimpleApplication test2 = new myTest2();
SimpleApplication test3 = new myTest3();
  1. The whole point of this system is that you dont even need to do anything. Just put your project on github and give us the url. Our system will convert it into a plugin for you :slight_smile:

  2. Same as question 2. The exact reason this system is being put into place is because people are confused about how to make plugins. Now you dont even need to know what a plugin is :slight_smile:

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Wow! Great work!
Hopefully once this goes live this will allow more plugins to be submitted and boost jME’s functions. Not that I found making a plugin hard but was a bit odd first time.

Question I do have is how about existing plugins? Should I push the next update to my plugin to github and submit here? or will we need to do magic to change from the old system to github to avoid conflicts?

I only have one plugin on the old system at this time (terraintiler-lib) and have been wondering how to go about updating now jME has gone github. I do have an account there so no issues to me.

Also happy to guinea-pig the move process too :wink:


@radanz An existing project that is already a “module / plugin” wouldnt have to be converted, so that stage of the process would be skipped.

At some (unknown right now) point in this process, we will contact the creators of the plugins that live on googlecode and request that they move to git. If they don’t, we may possibly move it ourselves.

During what I can only describe as the “limbo” phase - when we’re stuck between the two technologies - it will probably involve an element of manual work and wizardry to juggle from gc to gh - but right now there aren’t a vast quantity of plugins to deal with, so its not like the world will stop spinning.

Hi Jayfella , I want to publish my work on nifty-editor plug-in , but I’m bit in trouble . The problem is this : I’m working on a forked jme repository , so I can use the previous nomen’s work . if I point to that repo obviously it doesn’t work . So I used an other repository but the module depends on four others so i guess it won’t build isn’t it ? . Can you point me in the right direction ? As I said in jaconda chat I need to distribute my plug-in to collect user feed back , if the submission sistem won’t work is there some other way to publish it ?


Curious how others are supposed to try it out if it’s incompatible with JME.

Hi @relucri - What are the dependencies that your project requires? It may be possible to use the plugin wizard instead for this case, but just to be sure, i’ll discuss it with some of the devs.

Thanks! I’m sorry actually the dependencies are two : SDK Core and SDK Engine . Using the plug-in wizard I can’t actually work on jme-gui project but in new one , a bit drastic :smiley: .

@relucri said: Thanks! I'm sorry actually the dependencies are two : SDK Core and SDK Engine . Using the plug-in wizard I can't actually work on jme-gui project but in new one , a bit drastic :D .

You can wrap an existing project in the wizard. That feature was added to avoid having to start again from scratch. You would then push that project to git. You can also create an ant task to automatically push the new jar on compile. This sounds like a great test-case. Let me take this problem off yoru hands. I’ll report back with a solution.

Ok… So (unless I completely mis-understood) the problem here is that you’re modifying files that are already part of the core project - essentially carrying on from where Normen left off. Because the modules are already integrated into the SDK the only way to test your work would be to compile your entire branch.

Yes , it is ! . it would be great if I can do as I do in my ide . Simple select the project and build it . I don’t how the build system is implemented so I don’t know if this could be ever possibile…

Hi @jayfella, I have moved jME3-Dyn4j integration project to github:

There is a lib folder that contains dyn4j lib that need to be included inside the plugin.

Let me know if project structure is ok or I need to change something.

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@H everything appears to be fine as far as I can see :slight_smile:

@jayfella said: @H everything appears to be fine as far as I can see :)
Any news about this? I checked SDK's available plugins list and I didn't see my plugin in it? :S

I think you need to submit it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if this is in place at all already. To me it looks like the contrib plugins are still built from the svn repo as before.

Sorry for the confusion; Currently the submissions are serving as a test to ensure the procedure works and is solid. It does not currently list the plugins in the plugin list. Once the testing is over, all submitted plugins will get in the list as expected - without the need to re-submit.