Github PullRequests

I have a question about git PRs :

i did commit this PR :

, but there were conflicts because it was made w/o doing a rebase so anyway i resolved those conflicts , but when i open the commits tap i see my history commits being commited again with new commits ,despite I am creating new pull requests from git, do i need to delete my fork & refork each time doing a PR to jme ?

, because this wastes data.

Thank you.

Each PR should be on a different branch. If you don’t use your “master” branch for PRs, you can keep using the same repo forever.

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currently? yes, you need remove all fork if you messed it up.

But generally look here:

if you will folow this instructions, you will no need delete/recreate fork. Because you will have Master branch from upstream from main repo(not fork)

But it require repo git terminal commands (didnt seen Netbeans at least to have options for it)

you just need update own master with upstream one, and then its fine to create branch for pull request.

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