GIVE Challenge : Generation of Instructions in Virtual Environments

Hi all,

just to let you know that the GIVE challenge is running now. It’s an international evaluation of systems that generate instructions for users in a 3D maze, making use of AI techniques and natural language generation methods, and of course is based on JME! Please have a look, you can try several times and each time you’ll be paired with a random system (8 in total):

It’s not cutting edge graphics, but shows that JME can also be used in research :slight_smile: For those interested with the research part, you can check:


Thanks for sharing.

I tried it three times on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, GeForce 8600M. The first time it closed immediately after completing the quick “survey”, while the second time it closed once I pressed “H” to repeat a message 5 minutes into the tutorial. Same 3rd time just that I pressed H right away.


thanks for testing! The immediate closing of the window looks like a graphic driver error, we had issues with lwjgl and ATI drivers but never that I know with Nvidia. However, it worked for the other times, so we probably can exclude that. If you have a bit time and are willing to help, it would be extremely useful for us if you could download the client :

and at the root do a :

[java]java -Djava.library.path=lib/lwjgl-2.3/native/windows/ -jar lib/Client.jar --debug[/java]

and send me the output of this command to alexandre.a.denis -at- (unless you directly see what’s wrong, like an uncaught crash),

thanks :slight_smile:

ok actually there was a recently introduced issue when pressing H, it should be gone in the new release thanks to your help!