Given rotation and direction, move an object

Stumped on something, Ive forgotten how I did it before.

I have a car on the ground. It has a location and rotation. Currently, it is pointing 45 degrees to the left. I press the ‘move forward’ button. I want it to go in the direction it is pointing, however, it moves purely in the -Z direction. It should go in a -X -Z direction (equally cause its pointing 45 degrees to the left). I could go all trigonometry here (rusty but I could do it) but I know theres an eloquent way to throw a quaternion at this. Help?


getWorldRotation NOT getLocalRotation

woot!! (Sometimes I think writing the problem out here helps me figure it out)

I was going through that, on frame 36, when I was like waiiiitt…

gracias Norman