Giving Font a Material?

High there,

I’ve seen some pretty good projects with Logos that have multi-colored or textured words in them.

Is this an image of a word?

Or is it possible to set the material of a font in some way?

Thanks for reading!

After using many different methods to try and get this done I keep ending up with unreadable text

This image kills two birds with one stone and shows you the method I am using to attempt to add a material to the font.

Perhaps there is a certain type of material I’m supposed to use? I’m currently using a standard unshaded material.

There is no built in way of doing this with bitmapFonts, I believe if doable with Tonegod GUI though


can you provide any more details on how I can do this?

I am using a tonegod text element in this case.

Unfortunately I don’t know how, it’s just that I’ve already seen screenshots of Tonegod GUI featuring what you are looking for.Maybe @t0neg0d can tell you more about this.