GL Bugs

I am trying to run jme on some one else's computer (that I just reinstalled windows on and updated to the newest version of java). For some reason jme stooped working after the re-installation. My first thought was to install new drivers but I tyred several different ones and it still did not work.

I am using A Compaq with a SiS 760.

Try the LWJGL tests on their page. If you can't get that to work, you could try bringing it up there. SiS is not know for their stable OpenGL drivers unfortunatly.

The non-VBO tests worked. There must be A problem with my drivers.  :frowning:

Reinstalling the "original drivers" from the Compaq/hp website fixed the problem. I am guessing that there was something wrong with the drivers I got from the SiS webstie (and possibly the ones I got from microsoft update).

Just goes to show you newer divers are not always better.