GL surface being stretched on certain devices?

I noticed on both of my 10.1 tablets that the render surface is being stretched (or zoomed depending on which option you select). What I can’t figure out is how to get around this. It does 2 things that I’m reaaaaallllly not pleased with:

  1. It looks like crap
  2. It effects the framerate… guessing that stretch/zoom is software driven.

How does one get around this? All apps report as “Not being designed for large screen resolutions”. This also reflects in the Android app store, flagging your apps as designed for phones?

Anyone? Pleeassssee… help… couch couch… hack…

Did you check out this?

@normen said: Did you check out this?

I did, however, it’s the GL surface that’s being resized somehow. I can’t quite figure out where it’s happening as it looks like JME is creating the surface at the reported size of the screen… i.e. using getDefaultDisplay in onCreate… but the os is showing this as a fraction of the screen size and the stretching to fill the screen. /boggle

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the layout? But there really isn’t anything in the layout, soooo… it’s doubtful it is there.

Can anyone with a 10.1 tablet verify that this happens on more than just the ASUS Transformer & HannSpree HannsPad? It would improve framerates for larger tablets significantly if this could be fixed.

Doesn’t happen on my Galaxy Pad.